Drag the River – The Reign of the Underdog

photo: carrie wait The Gipper. Rudy. Charlie Brown. Ben Stiller’s character in all of his movies. Ashlee Simpson. Tommy Lee as a solo artist. The other white meat. We all love a good underdog (unless it involves the live action, voice-animated motion picture version of everyone’s favorite superhero canine … then it’s just plain blasphemy, […]

Starz Docnight – King of Corn

Starz DocNight – King of Corn (Aaron Woolfe)Director Aaron Woolf IN-PERSON! DocNight shines a spotlight on the genre from all angles—the investigations it undertakes, controversies it awakens and discoveries it makes—with Q&A sessions and filmmaker receptions to follow each screening. “King Corn” starts off a little too much like a re-visitation of “Supper Size Me,” […]

Teeth (Mitchell Lichtenstein)

Teeth (Mitchell Lichtenstein) Horror movies scare the shit out of me. That is just how I work. Hell, jumping out from around a corner scares the shit out of me. I am a rather nervous person, and I can really get into stories, thus my inevitable fright watching even the lamest horror films.