AWOL One – The War of Art

Awol One has been making noise on the underground since the late ‘80s. With his crew The Shapeshifters he’s achieved some notoriety. Throughout his career he’s also had the backing of many of the industries trusted beatsmiths—from Daddy Kev to Evidence (of Dilated Peoples). For his new record, he employs the talents of J zone, […]

Radio 4 – Enemies Like This

Hmmm. Well, Radio 4 seems to have taken a turn into a creative cul-de-sac with a brick on the accelerator pedal and the steering wheel locked into continuous donut maneuvers. The premise of the fourth album from the Brooklyn outfit was to go back to the basics of their core makings while forgoing their political […]

Starlight Mints – Drowaton

Arthur Stuart (Christian Bale’s character in Velvet Goldmine) is sitting in his school classroom. As the teacher speaks of lawyers and judges, his mind whistles and drifts, dreaming of traveling in two’s and how daddy found his mum’s pills. Blinking hard, he’s back in his room, sliding on tight fitting, midnight blue glam smoking jacket […]

Starfuzz – Product for American Radio EP

The main goal of Starfuzz founder Josh Skelton was to put together a band with chemistry. He auditioned twenty guitarists, finally settling on Ryan Countryman. It seems as if obtaining a bassist and drummer was a little easier, as Jared Schlitz (drums), and Curtis Durham (bass) happened to work with Ryan. Starfuzz’s first album, You […]