Aberdeen City – The Freezing Atlantic

I’m not going to bother putting any biographical information into my review of Aberdeen City’s new album The Freezing Atlantic. I’m making this decision because I think I can safely say that the bio they sent me is a pack of lies. I don’t have a problem with that; actually I think it shows moxie. […]

Coldcut – Sound Mirrors

Attention Coldcut fanatics! Let us all take a moment and Replay in our minds the pleasure of listening to Journey’s By DJ-70 Minutes Of Madness mix CD and Let Us Play. Remember when these brilliant concoctions of electronica left us in awe? And how Coldcut manages to combine elements of hip-hop, funk, electro, jungle, and […]

Mr. Gnome – Echoes on the Ground

Mr. Gnome is entirely too cute a name for this band. “Gnome” just makes me think of lawn gnomes and Audrey Tautou in Amelie. And as far as the “Mr.” part goes, Nicole Barille‘s voice is far too primal-feminine for that pronoun to apply. Nicole and her partner in crime, Sam Meister (on drums), play […]

Paperface – The Legend of Harley Knowls

Albums I dislike get worse with each song. I’m not quite sure if this is due to my diminishing tolerance level, or if the band squeezes the most mediocrity they can muster into the beginning tracks. Whatever the reason, I was leary when I read the bio of Paperface– the group consisting of brothers Chris […]

Sabrosa Purr – Music from the Velvet Room

While reading reviews of Sabrosa Purr for me to shamelessly plagiarize, I saw one describing their sound as “the atmosphere of Jupiter washing over you in waves big enough to surf on.” Far be it for someone of my meager abilities to criticize another writer, but what the fuck does that sound like exactly? Describing […]

Rent (Chris Columbus)


Rent (Chris Columbus) The King Center was abuzz with a crowd that seemed to just get out of art theater rehearsals. That should have been the first hint at the mystery film behind the Mystery Screening at the Starz Film Festival. If I had taken a peek at what the hint was I wouldn’t have […]