The Moaners – Dark Snack

The Moaners, a two-girl blues-rock outfit from North Carolina, debut with Dark Snack, a down-and-dirty, girls-in-charge record full of swagger and feedback. Guitarist and singer Melissa Swingle, formerly of Trailer Bride, and drummer Laura King of Grand National, among other bands, come together with a sound that strikes me as the Cramps meeting the White […]

Robbers on High Street – Tree City

Robbers on High Street

Some bands are just made for the radio. Robbers on High Street is definitely one of those bands. Their second release, Tree City, is exactly what pop-rock radio ordered. Tree City has the easy-listening capabilities of a Matchbox 20 record, and the catchiness and quirkiness of a Harvey Danger or Fastball single. This is not […]