Fashion Weak, Fashion Bleak: Part One

Beauty Buzz

Steven Salazar, a designer extraordinaire for Confident Clothing, brings his expertise and biting wit together to critique the latest fashions and beauty trends.   Fashion Weak, Fashion Bleak: Part One–Steven Salazar, Designer, Confident Clothing   The Fall 2003 Fashion Week may mark the fall of fashion altogether. For years now, designers have been trying to […]

Colorado on the Roxx

Music News

Colorado on the Roxx This month we will see two rock clubs in Colorado stop rockin’ – the Sportsfield Roxx in Denver, and The Chief in Pueblo. So what’s the deal? We’re not quite sure yet. According to Brandun, Fomofuiab’s Manager, “The Chief has been losing money since they re-opened. The owner Kelvin just decided […]

Local Music Buzz Bites

Music News

LOCAL MUSIC BUZZ BITES Local entrepreneur and DJ Yossi Goodman of You Know Me opened one of the few DJ academies to exist in North America. Students learn not only the skills involved in beat matching, working the crowd, and designing the right set for the environment and vibe, but also the critical aspects of […]