Flogging Molly, Andrew WK – Thursday 10.17.2002

Dave King – vocal/acoustic guitarBridget Regan – fiddle/tin whistle/violinDennis Casey – guitarMatt Hensley – accordianNathen Maxwell – bassBob Schmidt – mandolin, banjoGeorge Schwindt – drums “A Guinness soaked musical body blow.” I snagged this from the Flogging Molly web site, but what better way to describe this band of merry men and woman who pack […]

Riddlin’ Kids – Print Off This Article And Get Free Music From Independent Records

Clint Baker – vocals/guitarDustin Stroud – lefty guitar/vocalsMark Johnson – bassDave Keel – drums When the Riddlin’ Kids lefty guitarist Dustin Stroud says, “it’s all about the kids,” he’s not referring to his Austin, Texas band in short form. He’s speaking, of course, about the group’s growing fan base and the constant philosophy that drives […]