Right now is a time of contemplation for the “we’ve always done it this way” business models. In every industry, the old ways are crumbling as new ideas mesh with technology, filling demand gaps in industries and redistributing market share. Aside from the commonly referenced transportation and hospitality markets, it is the making of entertainment content that will see a tidal wave of change in the coming years.

The company causing this butterfly effect: Netflix.

“Entertainment and technology are continuing to transform each other as they have been doing for over 100 years,” said Reed Hastings this past January during his CES keynote.

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Day 2. Hopefully you're not too hungover from last night to make it out tonight. Pace yourself. After this, there's two more days to go. Grab a Kumbacha at Whole Foods. Get two more for Saturday and Sunday. It works wonders.


Ryan Auffenberg (6pm at Michelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar) describes sound as “driving music.” I would agree, but would venture to go a few miles further. You’re sitting in stop and stop traffic, the kind that make Peter Gibbons and Samir want to tear their dashboards apart with their bare hands. And although your air-conditioning’s broken and it’s topping 100 degrees, the cool fog of the San Francisco bay pours over your sweaty brow within the first few notes of Affenberg’s “Alright Okay.” Ahhh.

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