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Dreddy Kruger Presents..Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang meets the Indie Culture

Dreddy Kruger Presents..Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang meets the Indie Culture

Dreddy Kruger and RZA had a great idea: mix the Wu-Tang magic—that hunger, passion and rawness—with some of the undergrounds finest MC’s. With that goal in mind, they produced Think Differently Music, a compilation that features some of the Wu elite dropping verses alongside the likes of Ras Kass, MF Doom, and J-live. There are varying level of success with this record.


Recorded entirely at the 36 Chambers studio, the album succeeds in its cohesiveness, and in staying true to the Wu formula. RZA, the mastermind behind the explosion that was the killer bee swarm, only produces one track, however. The ominous “Biochemical Equation,” which pairs the super-producer with the always entertaining king of the underground, MF Doom. The bulk of the tracks are produced by Wu-acolytes Bronze Nazareth—who does 9 of the albums songs, and Preservation—who handles 4 of the experimental mixtures. DJ Noize and Allah Mathematics round out the soundscape, which does well in keeping with RZA’s grimey, street-meets-radio Wu background.

The obvious downside to a compilation such as this is seeing the deficits of the Wu Clan as they trade bars with these gifted mic assassins. Though GZA is the Genius, he is no match for the lyrical fire of Ras Kass on “Lyrical Swords”. Although he does fair much better on the politically tinged “Verses,” where La The Darkman and Scaramanga Shallah join him and Kass. Similarly, both Sean Price and C-Rayz Walz shine heavy alongside U-God and Prodigal Sunn on the rough and rugged “Still Grimey.” The plusses, however, outweigh the minuses, and you get to see more exposure for some very talented rap artists. Tracks to check for include “Slow Blues” with Vast Aire, Byata, Timbo King and Prodigal Sunn; “Listen,” with Littles, khalid, and the montrous Planet Asia; the enjoyably off-kilter stylings of “Preservation,” featuring Aesop Rock and Del Tha Funky Homosapien; and “Give It Up,” the strange concoction that pairs Wu-affiliate and gravely underrated rhyme slinger R.A. The Rugged Man with the critically acclaimed peoples MC, J-Live.

The question begs, though, just what would a track featuring Jean Grae have sounded like here, or a feature from any of the Living Legends? And, just where was the hard working Brother Ali? Method Man? Ghostface or Tony Starks? Just curious. But don’t let these questions keep you from enjoying a valiant first effort. Just hope that they are answered on round two.


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