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Willowtree – What a Way To Go


I’ve listened to this album five or six times now, to the point that the tracks from Stockholm’s Willowtree continue playing in my brain long after the CD has reached the end. Most notably, “Summer on TV.” It’s as if lead singer and songwriter Joel Ekelöf has been reading my mind. “When the beautiful people are out in the sun / My office is my home / No life of my own / I’m faking a suntan with a cream.” Although the lyrics themselves are a bit of a bummer, especially since they’re true for many of us, the melodic nature of Willowtree turns the frown upside down. I would even venture to say that some bopping and skipping would not be out of the question.

When was the last time you slow danced with someone? If I recall correctly, I think it was around the time that the Sony Betamax had just come out. “Look At You Now” inspires the close embrace, eyes closed shuffle, as does “The Damned,” where you just block out the world and there’s no one alive but you and him, or you and her, or you and your dog. You get my meaning.

For their young age, this fab five shows a lot of depth, sincerity and talent for the hook. Ekelöf’s vocals are just plain dreamy. In the hands of producer Ronald Bood (Keane, Mando Diao), What A Way To Go is solid album from beginning to end.


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