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Uphollow – Jackets for the Trip

Grabbing the superhero capes from the backs of They Might Be Giants, Uphollow portrays the simplistic aspects of every day events with a fresher than daisies bouquet, taking the repetitious function of a heart beat or a churning stomach seem compelling and interesting with every pump and turn.

Aside from being the first (that I’m aware of) to introduce the Denver indie kids to cello, Uphollow has gone double duty with its new Jackets for the Trip release, including a DVD with the full length CD, giving you a break from creating your own, in-your-head video for every song.


In the first track “Monster” their creative tendons extend, using a simple application of colored water to clear water to create an entire garden of sea like foliage and creatures, all dancing in unison to the beats and plucks. “Timed Clock” is one of the more rambunctious tracks, clicking along with a hippity-hop beat that would start a dance-off at a funeral. But what really captured the poetic and artsy side of me had to be the midnight, blurry city ride of “Wine & Honesty,” flecked with spacy tones, smoky jazz and bell bottom riffs.

Denver’s Uphollow has crafted the perfect soundtrack for a Speed Racer ride on a merry-go-round, where the horses ride off the rail around the park but without Mary Poppins at the helm.


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