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The Twilight Singers – Play Blackberry Belle

The Twilight Singers

Scoops here to hollah at y’all once more about the newest music to hit the street. This is easy for Scoops since he lives on the street. These are tough times my friends, and it’s hard for an unemployed drug mule to find work. Music is here to lift us above our daily troubles, and I am here to help you separate the par from the sub-par.

This brings me to the latest release by the Twilight Singers, Blackberry Pearl. If you are already a fan, and enjoyed the last album, then by all means go out and buy their latest offering. The Twilight Singers is the brainchild of Greg Dulli, of Afghan-Whigs pseudo-fame. This is a slight departure from the Afghan Whigs, but close enough not to disappoint fans. I, however, am not a huge fan. It’s not that the Twilight Singers are terrible, they just aren’t that good. Much of the album seemed as if it should be on the sound track to a very special episode of “Dawson’s Creek,” particularly “LAPD vs. NYPD.” Harsh I know, but Scoops has a wicked hangover from huffing paint behind the Burger King. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

They seem to be capable musicians who make very bland pop music. I like my music and my women to have some bite. “Blackberry Pearl” is a concept album, which appears to draw from Pink Floyd, just poorly executed. Indeed, one of the songs sounds similar to “The Great Gig in the Sky.” Please refer to “Dark Side of the Moon,” if you don’t know what I am talking about, or just smash yourself in the face with something heavy. Perhaps this is due to the contributions of the British groove merchants, FILA BRAZILLA (their words, not mine). The concept behind Blackberry Pearl is of course love, lust, and the pain involved with both. This topic has inspired poets, musicians, and pimple-faced high school students for millennia. Unfortunately, The Twilight Singers don’t really bring any new insight to the subject. I believe that there is a market for The Twilight Singers. Some of the songs are very catchy, and bound to find an audience among people who are looking for that. At the very least they can get a song or two on the soundtrack to some hot new romantic comedy.


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