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TSAR – Band, Girls, Money


If I knew how to skateboard, I would have Tsar egging me on through my iPod. The wind would be in my hair, and I would be rolling down the long, smooth drive in a ritzy neighborhood in Hollywood Hills.

Since I’m not in Hollywood and wouldn’t make it down a concrete hill alive, it looks like I have to wait for winter and the slopes of Copper before I get to emulate my own Rocky Mountain version of freedom. “We do anything that we want, because we want to.” A simple lyrical line from “Wanna Get Dead,” but one that needs to ring a lot louder and more frequent during these times of cultural conservatism and the religious right who is bent on turning back the clock 100 years.

Stripped down to the tighty Ys, Tsar’s album title Band, Girls, Money gives the band’s intentions away with those three little words. Using vintage slang like “boss” in their press release to describe their feelings about working with TVT also shows their ties to the classic rock and roll lifestyle of their predecessors, including the backstage bimbos and a floor full of empty beer cans.

These total foxes really know how to throw down some of the best opportunities for an air guitar ritual, but are fueled with a new tank of gas in the ‘stang. I even picked up a little cow bell on “Everybody’s Fault But Mine.” Equipped with Iggy’s tight pants, eyeliner, and sexual prowess, Tsar is bent on kicking you into a hypnotic state of bouncing and thrashing your body about.

Rock on with ya bad self. Keep on truckin’. Kick out the jams. Are you on the pill? Her? Oh she’s my sister. They all apply when the anthem is Band, Girls, Money.


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