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The Very Hush Hush – Mourir C’est Facile

The Very Hush HushMourir C’est Facile
Sao Bento Music

There’s no amount of irony in the title for this second release from this Denver-now-Oakland band The Very Hush Hush. Floating somewhere between a REM state and the afterlife, Mourir C’est Facile tells a tale of what one may feel when they have died and gone to heaven in their sleep. This is something that has always driven the band’s sound since I first heard their EP two years ago: the layering of opposing sonic structures, that of graceful vocals and elegant instrumentation that wind through urban cement highways strewn with dancing metal garbage cans, clashing to the beat.


As classically trained pianists, Grant Hazard and Peter Bo have created a streetwise symphony. A collective of modern dancers bound through the air suspended by ropes made of silk, twisting and turning with muscles tightly stretched and taut, performing with aching beauty.

The unique quality of The Very Hush Hush lies in their ability to extend experimentation just far enough so as to not fall off the cliff, to stretch the imagination into intrigue but not irritation. In the last two hears the duo have honed this talent even further. Maybe along with time their inspiration from the Pacific and the cool, bay fog has fueled the ghost in their machine. Either way, Mourir C’est Facile is a headphone trip on a midnight train ride yet big enough to fill the Taj Mahal for the living and the dead.

The band returns to Denver to play their CD release party Thursday, October 27 at the Hi-Dive with D. Biddle and Killfix.


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