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The Still City – These Songs Are Walls

You can say what you want about MySpace. It’s a haven for cheesy, fake boobed chicks looking to expand their online customer base. Regular users experience error messages on a regular basis. But for music journalists, it’s a Godsend. With a simple click we can discover gems and also know what press kits we won’t be requesting.

In the case of The Still City, the immediate need for their new E.P. came about after 15 seconds of hearing “Pretty Little Words,” a track so drowning in hooks and passionate desperation, I had to have Brian Knab (vocals/guitar) hand deliver a copy of These Songs Are Walls in time for the Denver band’s CD release gig this Friday at hi-dive.


It’s obvious now why they chose the two tracks, “Squares on Squares” and “Pretty Little Words” to pull MySpace visitors in, as they are the leading songs on the E.P. that I expect will have a stronger impact on their live audience, causing them to gyrate and spill their beers.

The diamonds in the rough are found within the other facets of their musical repertoire. “The Cracks in the Pain and Pattern” and “All the Scratched Surfaces” ramble beautifully with a dusty road jangle, and the moonlight shines bright on a rainy night as Knab’s vocals and intricate poetry flows slowly on “A Comfortable Concept.”

Like a delectable French dinner, rich with palate pleasing treats but delivered in bite sized portions, after hearing the six tracks it all passed too soon and I had to hit repeat a few more times to get my fill. The songwriting, both musically and lyrically, is tighter than most bands venturing out on their first E.P., which almost puts a sophomoric pressure on the band when they release their full-length (which I hope happens sooner than later).

There’s never been a better time to get into local music, and The Still City is definitely running with the cream of the crop.

The Still City has three gigs planned in the next month: this Friday, May 11 with Melismatics at hi-dive, at LIFEspot on May 18, and a BBQ show at Larimer Lounge on May 27.


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