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The Kaffeine Buzz Show – Episode 28 – Hoxton Radio

This week’s show pays tribute to David Bowie’s birthday, new surprise single “Where Are We Now?” and Aaron Swartz who left the world much too soon but left a behind an amazing legacy of social justice and digital innovation. 

SXSW released the third round of bands performing in 2013, bringing the number up to around 1,300. Featured Birmingham’s Swim Deep and a Miami transplant from Kentucky, electronic producer and singer Amtrac. 

Starfucker released a new single “While I’m Alive” from the upcoming release, ‘Miracle Mile’, as did Suede with “Barriers,” who is set to release their first album in 10 years. 

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“The Kaffeine Buzz Show – connecting the U.S. and the U.K. through music.”


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