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SXStyle -The Disruption and Mobile Takeover of Fashion Commerce

[This coverage of SXStyle 2015 appeared originally on, a contributed article by Kim Owens.] Disruption. Mobile. Both have become quite the buzz words in the last few years, but for good reason. Legacy business models in every sector are being turned on their heads. Driving these massive shifts is the consumer, their mobile behaviors, and brands inventing next-generation technologies and strategies to better serve that connect customer.

At the SXStyle session during SXSW, “Disruptive Mobile Technologies in Fashion Commerce,” attendees had an opportunity to learn how fashion and beauty brands – Madison Reed, Threadflip and ThirdLove – are moving their mobile strategies forward from a commerce perspective while offering enhanced personalization, unique benefits and experiences via the customer’s mobile device.

The first disruptor up was Amy Errett, CEO and founder of Madison Reed, a startup that’s reinventing the hair coloring business, “to help women feel beautiful, inside and out.” Errett is no stranger to invention and entrepreneurship, having previous experience in the startup world as a venture capitalist for True Ventures, where she stays on as an advisor. Speaking on her fourth startup’s market potential, “89 million women color their hair in 6-week intervals,” and of the competition that is being disrupted, “Proctor and Gamble. It’s not in their market to know who the consumer is.”

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