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Storm Davis – Kegstand Poetry For The Recovering Alcoholic

Counting as inspirations the likes of Justin Warfield, Divine Styler, and Wise Intelligent (of Poor Righteous Teachers), as well as Everlast (after House of Pain), Rhode Island resident Storm Davis delivers his debut album Kegstand Poetry For The Recovering Alcoholic. Though self-professed as being “hip hop smooved out on the indie rap tip, with a pop appeal to it,” Kegstand actually has more in common with that Golden Age of rap music just before the mainstream took hold.


Along with Poorly Drawn People, his New England area fam of producers and emcee’s, Storm has crafted a thoroughly enjoyable debut album, replete with “literate, personal lyrics” and headnodding beats. “Illest It Gets?” featuring Symmetry, has a bass line and flow that wouldn’t be out of place on a Jurassic 5 album. “Major League,” with guests from Sneak Techniks, Emilio Lopez and the always on point Reason, rides along on an interpolation of Funk Pioneers The Brothers Johnson’s 1977 hit “Strawberry Letter 23”.

“Like She Knew” finesses Jamiraqui-style keyboards and funky drums for another hot track. For more personal fair, “A Little Bit of Luck,” which samples Q-Tip on the refrain “why you wanna go and do that?” is offered up for a little bit of relationship reflection. The reflection continues on songs like “Man In The Mirror,” a track that could rival Michael Jackson’s own. Also, full on boom-bap goodness prevails on the title track.

If you like good rap music, then this LP is for you. If you’re looking for something a little more commercial, you can still find enjoyment here, just not fully. The storm is brewing.


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