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SMP – Crimes Of The Future

SMP - Crimes of the Future

Lead leather man, vocalist and songwriter Jason Bazinet has always set himself apart from the some of the industrialists that follow too closely to the predictable forum of doom, gloom, and shiny Lip Service pants. Using a different approach to synthesized rock and combining that tightly with rap soaked breaks, Crimes Of The Future continues to chronicle his retro meets modern formula concocted in his wizardry laboratory.

For those that follow the EBM brick road, SMP can be as difficult to pin down as the hump on Igore’s back. Flipping from the abrasive nature that’s liken to Hate Dept.’s “This Doggie Bites” to the laid back, downtempo typically heard from dance artists, Bazinet succeeds in whirling mood swings with the greatest of ease.

There are some trivial lyrical pursuits that arise, as with “Bloodstains,” but this is overshadowed by the track’s speeding punk fury, the digable planet ride of “Beautiful,” or the message within “I’m Tired of Life.”

SMP has been at this game for a while and dealt with many of the typical shoots and ladders games as other musicians have had to endure. With this latest piece of work, one can only hope that his persistence will pay off.


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