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Various Artists – Slaying Since 1996

Various ArtistsSlaying Since 1996
Suicide Squeeze

Seattle’s Suicide Squeeze imprint began in 1996 with the release of 764-HERO’s first single; and under the tireless efforts of owner, David Dickenson, it has grown to brag the offerings of countless Northwest indie rock powerhouses. In recognition of its ten year anniversary, SS has put together a double-disc collection chronicling its phenomenal history.


The number of artists who have worked with Dickenson and company are amazing. Elliot Smith, Modest Mouse, Minus the Bear and the Constantines are just a few of the samples of musical genius this label has shared with the world.

The most notable aspect of this collection is that Suicide Squeeze has been somewhat of a psychic phenomenon in that it consistently works with artists who go on to achieve huge acclaim. Humbly, the label hand-picks the greatest talents when they are budding, and then propels them to achieve their full potential. Listening to Modest Mouse’s A Life of Arctic Sounds, for instance, is a quick lesson on how far the band has come to achieve its Grammy-winning success with Float On.

The compilation can be ordered now through the label’s website. It ships on July 18; but don’t take that as a reason to procrastinate, as it’s release is limited to a mere 6,000 copies, and odds are they’re all gonna sell.


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