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Satyricon – Volcano

Satyricon - Volcano

Norwegians love their Black Metal. If it comes out of Norway it is usually good and Satyricon is no exception. Volcano is the latest release from this two piece group. Satyr (all vocals, guitars, and keys) and Frost (drums) have done a near epic album of crushing guitars and mind boggling drums.

After listening to Volcano a few times the oddity of this release becomes apparent. It sounds like the guitars and vocals were recorded before the drums. The lead-like playing of Frost seems to be following the metronome timing of the guitars as opposed to the other way that most bands operate. Instead of keeping the time, Frost creates his own rhythm to his own song and it still works.

You put all of that and the uncut version of the video for “Fuel for the Hated” as a CD extra together and you have a must own for all Black Metal fans.

EatURmusic/RED Ink/Columbia


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