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Radio 1190’s Lowland Apartments


Radio 1190’s Lowland Apartments showcases independent local and national Jungle, Drum n’ Bass and Breakbeat artists, airing every Thursday from 9pm – 1am MST.

Their DJ crew consists of “Frogg” aka, Chadd who is the show’s creator and reports on the latest buzz in the dance community. “K.I.N.D” aka, Roscoe is one of their Jungle residents, Spinatra” aka, Preston is considered the “Lowland DnB wonder child”, while “Papa Joan” aka, the Colo Kid specializes in Hardcore and is also the hot of another 1190 specialty show every Tuesday night called Sub-Harmonic.

“Juice-D” aka, Justin Mitchell, specializes in Jungle “busted ass Los Angeles warehouse style,” and is the Lowland Host, manager, webmaster and street promoter. He answers a few question about what the show is about and what you can expect when you tune in:

How long has this program been running?
About 1 year as Thursday night Lowland Apartments

What local artists have you featured, and how do you decide who to feature?
Local artists include: Evenflo, Footer, Saxton, Darren Sanders, D’Komposer, MLE, Mrs. Val, Gel-O, Buy
J-Dub, Nutmeg, Onket, Phonetic, Pressure, Bug Output, and many more …

Local artists are featured who have submitted a mix album, and have proven to be talented. I try to feature as many different crews as possible, and try to keep an eye open for the new local acts.

How do local artists go about sending you their press kits for consideration?
Artists can email us at

Do you have any plans to conduct on-air interviews with them?
Yes, and we have done on-air interviews with national DJs including DJ Swamp and Amon Tobin. We try also to give a brief discography of the DJs before or after their appearance on the show.

What are your future plans, if any, for this show?
Huge plans. I am working hard on the web site in order to get our streaming media section up and running. Soon guests will be able to go online and stream past shows and interviews online. We are behind many events in Boulder/Denver and we will soon host some of our own productions – many things to come check us out online from time to time.

For more information on their upcoming events, the show and their crew, go to or

Aggressive Persuasion has filled their vacant guitarist spot with Dave Leonard. They’re planning for new gigs in November and will be playing 3 new songs when those happen.

Hit and Run Bluegrass played a number of bluegrass festivals in the month of August, and are gearing up for more local shows this month and next. Two of the band members, Frazier and Erin, headed back to the books in Boulder and Laramie, and are facing the challenge of squeezing schoolwork in around their pickin’ habits. During the summer the band hooked up in the recording studio with Buckstin Stallion, and will appear on Buckskin’s forthcoming album, so make sure and check out the CD release party in November in Boulder. H&R are also expanding their musical horizons as Aaron studies jazz theory with a jazz pianist, and Todd has been practicing his new jazz licks. “It must be the fall air, because we are all itching for learning. We’ve deep-cleaned our homes, rearranged our practice and rehearsal areas, and set new musical goals. We are also busy writing and learning new material for our upcoming recording project this winter—a full-length Hit & Run CD,” says the band. Upcoming shows include Friday September 26 at Avogadro’s Number in Ft. Collins, Friday September 26 appearance on Ft. Collins FRFC’s “Live at Lunch” series, and an opening slot for Grammy-winning mandolin player and band, John Reischman & The Jaybirds at the Fox Theatre October 17. The band’s site is


Buzz Band Stories this week:
— THROCULT seeks new vocalist
— Aggressive Persuasion searches for a new guitarist
— FaiL-YeRZ seeks drum tech
— XM Radio Unsigned Channel seeks bands for their programming

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