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Purge and Swap – A Day of Fun, Just for the Girls – Saturday, January 31 – Hi-Dive – 2:30PM – 6PM, Free

Football, football, footblah. There’s certainly a buzz about Superbowl Sunday, and while we can all appreciate funny commercials (hopefully 2009 will prove to be better than past Superbowls), the thought of getting cool new clothes for free could send many hearts racing faster than a Hail Mary Pass.

This Saturday there’s another party in town – Purge and Swap – that involves getting together with girlfriends and exchanging garb in a “it’s new to you” fashion.


How can you beat that? (Don’t ask your significant other that question…you’ll get a blank stare.)

It’s also a great chance to get rid of that dress you bought two years ago that still has the tag on it and make room for new (or gently used) clothes to spice up your wardrobe–without even opening up your wallet (except to buy a few Bloody Marys or Mimosas).

Purge and Swap works this way: go through your closets and pull out all the clothes you’re tired of, never wear, stuff from high school that will never come back in style, and bring it down to the Hi-Dive January 31 from 2:30pm to 6:00pm. Then grab a drink and start trying things on. Mirrors will be provided and any clothing that’s left behind will be donated to Goodwill.


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