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Origins – New Shades for Fall – Eye Shadow and Flower Fusion Lipstick

First we heard that lead was appearing in toys manufactured in China. Unfortunately, the news about lead appearing in lipstick, which is digested by those who wear it, didn’t make the headlines. And it took some online investigation skills to get the real story.

As many are learning about the physical affects of certain foods that have been exposed to pesticides, pulling them towards organic foods, many would be horrified to know how many toxins exist in the make-up and skincare products we use every day that are all absorbed into our bodies through the skin. This was the central topic of our book review of “Not Just Another Pretty Face,” which spotlights the need for us to know the reality behind all those big words listed on the ingredients list of our lipsticks, foundations, skin cleansers and lotions.


To make things easy for ya, you need look no further than a well-known, trusted name in the skincare game: Origins.

For years I’ve been a fan of Origins and have seen the product line evolve. But when I saw Origins had brought in Dr. Weil, another trusted name for decades and health advisor, to develop a signature line of skincare products, I knew they were continuing to lead the way to healthier skin and body.

But the goodies are not just limited to the skin. There’s the beauty element too.

I’m finally able to throw away those toxic lipsticks and embrace gorgeous colors, long-lasting performance, and know that my make up is not having a negative affect on my health. Free from parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, paba, DEA and petrolatum, The Origins Flower Fusion line contains hydrating floral extracts in every color. If you check the label, the first three ingredients are lavender oil, lemon fruit extract and grapefruit seed extract.

Flower (lavendar, citris, rose, jasmin, raspberry leaf) and rice wax are the key ingredients that keeps your lips moist and protects them from the elements, in the same way the wax protects the flower.

This August Origins introduces 26 new fall colors ($16.00 retail), encouraging you to combine colors together to create your own custom shades that work for you. I tried a shimmering Winter Rose top top of a rich, redish plum Peony, which are both great on their own and will be ideal colors when the summer days fade and the temperatures start to dip.

Origins eyeshadow comes in 28 shades, including two new colors — HarvestTaupe and Bark, the latter of which I used as a soft liner. What I really loved about the packaging was that each compact had a little mirror inside, so you could touch up any time. About mid-day I usually have to do this with most other shadows to get rid of the shadow creases on my lids, but this shadow held its own until the end of the day. The bonus is the Vitamin E that’s within the crease-resistant formula.

This Saturday, August 16 Origins opens a sparkling new store in Cherry Creek, located at 2800 E. 2nd Avenue at Fillmore.

Next week we’ll take a look at two new Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins products from the Plantidote and Nite-trition line.


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