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Kissing the Ground She Walks On


Kissing the Ground She Walks On

This is week two in our installment of what to buy mother for her big day. In my opinion, nothing defines style, sophistication, and sex appeal (not that we should find our own mothers sexy, but for the love of God, someone should) like a pair of great heels. There are so many to select from, however, in my opinion nothing less than a 3” heel will do. Here are some of my favorites:

Gucci Open Toe SandalThe Gucci Metallic Open Toe Sandal
This is the “it” shoe for me this season. I love the way the open toe is just large enough to allow a peek at the toes. While most open toes of this type have a rounded tip, these have a pointed tip. I feel the pointed tip gives the shoe the edge of sexy it needs. Also, who can resist the lure of the open back? It is just enough to tease the man of her desire and is the exact update this silhouette needed!


Gucci Cutout PumpThe Gucci Cutout Pump
Va-va-voom! These are truly 90 mile-an-hour shoes. There is nothing like playing a little peek-a-boo with something as sexy as a well-shaped foot. These are not for the spotlight impaired. Wearing these into any public place will demand the attention your mother deserves!




Prada Logo ThongThe Prada Logo Thong
Now I know I said nothing less than a 3” heel will do, but these are irresistible. They clock in at about a 2” heel, but who can deny the appeal of donning the Prada logo perfectly placed right on top of the foot? How darling these would look with the perfectly fresh summer dress!


Manolo Blahnik Classic PumpThe Manolo Blahnik Classic Pump
These are essential to every woman’s wardrobe as the little black cocktail dress. They can go from day to evening as flawlessly as a drag queen can do a costume change from one celebrity to another. Wearing these in the office will definitely get your mother a promotion and wearing them out to dinner at Kevin Taylor will insure she gets the best table the restaurant has to offer.



Manolo Blahnik Leather Laced MuleThe Monolo Blahnik Leather Laced Mule
Now this is a very interesting twist on an old classic. Beautiful, buttery leather laced over the foot. It is exactly what every stylish mother needs to accompany her beau du jour to any football, basketball, or baseball game. Now, however, Mr. Blahnik has created another variation of this style. It is the same concept, Converse style laces over leather, this time suede and the soul is treaded rubber. It is much more casual, but quite enticing. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a photo of the shoe.


Prada Silver Wedge PumpPrada Silver Wedge Pump
Enough said.

So there is are some lovely selections that I am sure any mother would enjoy. Perhaps trying a style different than her signature will bring out a side of her you never knew!



Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Blotting TissueProduct of the Week
Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Blotting Tissue
These delicate tissues are perfect for blotting excess oil from your skin, and are great for those mid-day shine dilemmas. They will not remove make-up, but do leave a flawless matte finish that will make the world think it is natural. The tea tree oil will help reduce breakouts without over-drying your face. What more could you ask for??

-Steven Salarazar – Designer, Confident Clothing


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