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Fashion Weak, Fashion Bleak: Part four, Paris Edition


Fashion Weak, Fashion Bleak: Part four, paris Edition
–Steven Salazar, Designer, Confident Clothing

The world is in a very strange place right now and so is fashion; everything is very backwards. Well, to avoid making too much of a political statement in a fashion column, I will say this: fashion itself is definitely not following the status quo of possible wartime. Typically, when we are amidst the possibility of war, social unrest and poor economical situations, fashion follows suit. Glamour goes, hemlines are conservative, use of fabric is very modest, and silhouettes are typically cut close to the body. This time around however, glamour is alive and well, crotch-kissing hemlines are abundant, and some designers are using miles of fabric per garment!

Gloomy Day in Paris

Chanel was no surprise. Karl Lagerfeld has been doing the same ol’ stuff since he was assigned the seat of Empress of Chanel. He never strays from the classic Chanel look, which is good in many ways; it just leaves nothing to feast on for lovers of fashion. Mr. Lagerfeld did use a somewhat leather leg warmer something or other. The jury is still out on that one.

Jean-Paul Gaultier is up to his old habits. . .again. His use of men’s tailoring on women is just overdone. I feel that since we are in a time of glamorous pursuits, clothing should be voluminous or extremely form-fitting. This is definitely not the time to be walking the fence!

Louis Vuitton has been known for understated elegance. This collection was very understated, but lacked the elegance and simplicity the market craves. A traveler of this sort does enjoy comfort, but not at the cost of style. The outfits designed seemed to be forced creativity. They did not have the flow and relaxation they are known for.

Valentino . . . blah.

The Sun May Shine Tomorrow

Celine by Michael Kors presented some lovely zebra and leopard prints in silver and black sequins. The leopard print was enlarged just right to accentuate the geometric qualities of the print. He also presented a tribute to the styling of Jackie O. The look was dead on and seemed somewhat appropriate for now. The only offense he had was a pink off the shoulder sweater with a huge collar that I suspect walked off the set of Flashdance. . .vile.

Chloe presented a fantastic jacket that was very wispy with what appeared to be precisely placed pieces of silk. Other than that stroke of genius, I worry about the house. It seems like it is the same old shit, different season. It seems as though the house is reaching for rock star chic, and every time, almost makes it, but never really quite gets there.

Givenchy used a combination of leather and tweed like textured fabrics. The combination was fantastic. It is a look I always love. However, the silhouettes used left so much to be desired. Had it been the same combination with more upbeat silhouettes, it may have been my favorite show of the season.

YSL Rive Gauche seemed to be on the fast track to ruling the fashion industry. This season however, may have derailed that effort. It seemed as though Tom Ford disguised past silhouettes with a gather here and a ruffle there. There was however a beautiful trench coat what had a ruffle lapel that extended down to the hem. It was absolute heaven!


John Galliano’s collection was nothing but surprise. Over done, over the top, and it was incredibly enticing. He took the 1940s and 1950s and completely exaggerated all the details. Huge collars, huge bows huge pleats; ultimately it was absolutely gorgeous, and I have never been a fan of his. Well, as they say, “Never say never!”

Christian Dior was my favorite of all. John Galliano seems to have finally gotten the feel of what the line has been known for. Collars were dripping off shoulder lines. Ruffles swallowed the models. Fabric floated down the runway. The glamour and sexiness of Dior is back. It was a wonderful marriage of east and west. Great western elegance and excess was joined with the elegance and simplicity of the east. It was definitely something worth taking in.


New Products

This week’s new product highlight is not really a product at all, but more of a service. Ever since I have been in the fashion industry and been a backstage frequenter of fashion shows, there is one thing I have noticed. Professionally done makeup works WONDERS! Now, I have always known that, in Hollywood especially, make-up accounts for a lot of beauty. There is nothing however, like watching it blossom before your very eyes. Through this experience I have realized that all women can be (and most likely already are) beautiful. It is simply a matter of finding your best feature and being professionally taught on how you can enhance that feature or features. The key here is professional. There are so many salons and artists in the local Denver area that are more than willing to help a woman look her best. If you are interested, please feel free to email me and I will be happy to get you in touch with your most beautiful self!

-Steven Salarazar – Designer, Confident Clothing


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