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Various Artists – Komposi002 – Positron Records


There’s a club night in San Francisco call Bondage A Go-Go. It is my all time favorite industrial dance club because it strayed from the predictable format of Joy Division and Front 242. Not that I don’t love those bands, but you can’t fucking dance to Bela Lagosis Dead. Not unless you’re into looking like you’re under the water, cleaning the pool in slow motion. And I’ve just never been able to move that slow. Well, not when I’m dancing anyway.

Those DJs not only picked synth rock and industrial that moved you, but it teetered on the edge of techno, drum and bass, and even some deep house. This compilation represents those days and more, with new material from Sister Machine Gun whose intro on “I Don’t Need” could have easily appeared on a DJ Shadow disc. Pulsing instrumentals emanate from Amish Rake Fight and Beautiful Assassins. Die Warzau’s “Radiation Babies” would be a welcome change to any club in LoDo, while Manufactura’s “Ritmo y Ruido” gets muy warm leatheretta y tu. “I Record Your Every Move” pulls off a loungy flair while “Dark Side Of The Sun” pulls down a Filter-ette shade of coolness.

Positron! Records is a smaller label that’s doing big things for these genres. Do yourself a favor and check out their other artists, which include Sister Machine Gun and a few other bands featured on this compilation.


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