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Kaffeine Buzz Privacy Policy

The policies below are applicable to the Authors of this website, Kaffeine Buzz, LLC.
The people at Kaffeine Buzz respect your privacy and detest spammers. Any information you provide to us is held with the secrecy and security. It is only used in the ways that are described in this policy.
We collect personally identifying information such as your name, age, city and email address during registration for certain portions of this website so you as our guest can participate in online activities (e.g., posting comments, subscribing to our newsletter).
Policies for Minors
For the most part, the written content on Kaffeine Buzz is fairly free of profanity, but not always. So we highly encourage parents to closely monitor their children’s online activities and restrict any Minor (a guest under 18 years of age), from registering or posting information on Kaffeine Buzz without the consent of their parent or guardian.

Policies for Adult Guests
For guests over 18 years of age, we collect personal information in order to accept your request to receive our newsletter, to collect demographic data for our advertisers, and from time to time, information may be used for marketing and promotional purposes. At no time do we share your information with advertisers or any entity outside of Kaffeine Buzz, LLC.

You may opt out of the use of your personal information for direct email promotions or from receiving our newsletter at any time. An “unsubscribe” link is provided in each email newsletter that is sent out and each email goes through a spam filter to ensure its validity.


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