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ICYMI – Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ Takes Us On Another Journey

Released late last month (November 19th, to be exact), David Bowie’s single and accompanying video, “Blackstar,” was yet another short story from his endless mind of creativity. The ten-minute journey is expectadly unexpected in story line, visuals, and musical expression; the title track providing an eerie yet exciting glimpse into the forthcoming album due out January 8, 2016.


Going down the ‘open to interpretation path’, the ghost of Bowie past in the form of Major Tom seems to rise as part of the story line. The spaceman suit limp and lifeless, but for the bejeweled skelatal remnants of the explorer, is the protaganist. Haunting, ritualistic vocals float and wrap around the shining star in the atmosphere, creating a cool blue hue down below, causing bodies to shake as if being electrocuted. Beyond eclectic or experimental, this timeless land where the Villa of Ormen resides

Having walked through the intricately curated pieces of David Bowie’s creative history, via the “David Bowie Is” exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Musuem, gives me an even deeper experience and appreciation for each production released from this iconoclast. in all its glory at


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