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Flatfoot 56 – Jungle of the Midwest Sea

Flatfoot 56 - Jungle of the Midwest Sea

The first time through Flatfoot 56’s Jungle of the Midwest Sea, I heard a street punk band with Celtic overtones, with bagpipes, a blue-collar feel and a growly-voiced singer.

It took a second round through to note the obvious Christian lyrics—maybe because the lyrics didn’t stand out much. A pit-worthy sound but without the danceable catchiness of Flogging Molly, the stand-up-and-fight anthems of the Dropkick Murphys, or the lyrical brilliance of Shane McGowan and the Pogues, Flatfoot 56 is nevertheless a good time.

The opening track wouldn’t have been amiss on the soundtrack to one of the Pirates of the Caribbean flicks, but from there it merges into more standard rock fare, blended with myriad traditional instruments. The boys use their Chicago pride, working-class background, and Christian faith to produce a rockin’ record that fits in well with the new class of Irish punks weaned on the Pogues and the British classics alike.


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