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Twelve Tribes – The Rebirth of Tragedy

Twelve Tribes

I’ve been through this CD four times waiting for something to catch. I’ll be honest, I’m more excited by the prospect of never having to listen to this CD again than I am of finding some gem of a riff or vocal phrase that I missed the first three (!!) times through.

Uninspired is a word that keeps popping up in my head. While I have no doubt these guys take what they do seriously, the only thing I feel is lame. The sputtering turnip truck rhythms with the constantly distracting click-click-click of the double bass drums and the tired rap/metal verses do not help matters much.

I hate to discourage political protest songs (of which this disc has many), but with lines like “Praise the new drug!/Your routine is the latest trend and you’re wearing your enslavement/like a prescription fashion statement Hallelujah,” from “Backburner,” the only people they’ll be influencing are a good four to five years from voting age. Twelve Tribes could easily be one of the breakout bands of melodic hard/metalcore. Like every crossover band from an underground scene not yet completely exploited, these guys are a watered down, teen-friendly version, with enough sheen and polish to sell the stinkiest turd.


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