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Viva City – New Single “Dive In” + SXSW 2012

Last year Viva City released their debut album, Phobia, in conjunction with a venture to SXSW, performing at parties and the infamous British Embassy Showcase. In 2012 the U.K. electro-rock outfit are back again with a new single, “Dive In,” a renewed Visa, and another long airplane ride to the states to join the SXSW carnage this year.

As with previous Viva City releases, “Dive In” is synth-heavy, pulling out all the bombastic tricks that make it completely impossible to be still (diamond cutters and Mohels, stay away…you’ve been warned). We’re talking the level intensity the Chemical Brothers are known for, where your ears are left ringing because, quite frankly, you can’t help but turn it up to a level that causes your next door neighbor to peer out the window, wondering if a dance party is actually taking place at your house at 10:10am on a Tuesday. Yes, a party of one, thank you very much.

The single is a teaser of what’s to come with the band’s new E.P., which is set to be released in March.

Since SXSW last year, Viva City toured in their home country and in the U.S., performing in L.A., which included a stop at the Viper Room and at the occasional strip club, “…where apparently “strippers go to die!” No cover equals good times – esp. the vending machine by the stage – Bounty bars or boobs? Tough call.”

Not sure they’ll have time for boobs in Austin (although I’m sure a few ladies will let ‘em “slip out” at one of the many parties), but we will keep you posted on where you can see Viva City do their thing at SXSW and beyond. “Dive In” will be available on Amazon on January 30.


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