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The Radium Screen – White Faces

In 2002 Brian Huffines and Aaron Hodge began collaborating on new music as a way to experiment outside of their own rock bands at the time. Since they were both guitarists, the two decided to eliminate the electric guitar and generate sounds using primarily keyboards, sampling, computer software, and other various sound generating techniques.

The result is what you would expect from two indie rock kids’ first foray into electronic music.


The switch from rock to essentially dance music no longer holds the novelty it once did, as it seems more than ever to be the rule in the modern rock world, not the exception. Everyone wants to dance.

The four songs found on this White Faces EP are generally catchy, with fairly decent beats bent by dark, layered noises and sounds. But Radium never turns it up or goes for the throat with big synth leads, epic dance choruses, and instead fall backwards into a predictable line of repetition.

Hopefully, if The Radium Screen continues to spend time honing its electronic skills, I’ll actually get out of my chair the next time around.


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