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The Procussions – 5 Sparrows For 2 Cents

The Procussions major label debut 5 Sparrows For 2 Cents is about to take flight.

After conquering with their first record, the group—Stro (the 89th Key), Rez, and the hyper but fluent, Mr. J. Medeiros—spread their collective wings and soar with an album that sounds familiar in parts, yet makes an effort to strive for more. The lead single “Miss January,” which features the MC’s Rapper Talib Kweli, follows the jazzy vibe that the group has come to be known for; however, the story of jilted loves isn’t stale or rehashed. You might be surprised to note that Talib doesn’t just run away with the song either. “Shaback” is another song that follows in the feel-good, horn-laiden, jazzy composition mode for the group.


For more adventurous listeners, Stro, who pioneered the musical landscape completely solo this time around, composed the percussion driven, bouncing bass of “Anybody,” a high-energy, stage romp of a song. There is also “Fight Here,” featuring Ahmad (of 4th Avenue Jones), Afrobots, and DJ Vajra. The Reggae chanting and persistent sirens are the antithesis of the smoothed out jazz vibes occurring earlier. The group reaches further still with “The Storm,” a song that pays homage to the East Coast’s early boom bap years. While “Rain Dance” is more techno-fied than anything else, with keys and synthesizers jumping out of the background to grab your attention, it is also a chance to showcase Stro’s mastery of the drum kit. You may also want to peep out “For The Camera,” a playful prance of a tune built around the idea of the Hollywood lifestyle as reality.

What’s coolest about 5 Sparrows is that it works as an entire project. The three personalities mesh, working their patented verbal weaving to perfection. And, whether coasting over well traveled paths or mapping out new territories, you never think for a moment that you’re listening to anything other than the Colorado Springs bred Procussions.

Though the group is best experienced live, this album is the next best thing to being there. They have arrived.


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