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The Myriad – You Can’t Trust a Ladder

The northwestern United States, particularly in Seattle, Washington; music, it seems, has always been the preferred form of artistic expression. This certainly holds true for The Myriad.

The five members of the band have played in countless other bands in California and Washington before forming in late 2001. After releasing a few singles and a self released EP the band signed with Floodgate records in 2002 after personally inviting owner/operator Tim Taber to catch their set at the Cornerstone Festival. They spent the next two years touring relentlessly before teaming up with Copeland front-man Aaron marsh to produce their debut full length; You Can’t Trust a Ladder.

The album sways from moody and atmospheric strains of melody, reminiscent of Radiohead, or Paloalto, to transforming you at times into ass-shaking mode, a-la the Killers or Muse. Although you can here these influences on the record, and you can definitely feel the northwestern vibe, it’s refreshing to hear a band let the elements coalesce on their own without forcing it.

Whether it’s the upbeat pace of “Perfect Obligation” or the melancholic piano-laced closer “We Will Be Disappointed Together,” The Myriad displays the sound and feel of something we’ve heard before but in a smooth, thoughtful and original manner.

Michael is currently doing blood-work for the U.N. and has asked several times for the co-operation of the state. Unfortunately, the throngs of teenage girls and the “Farmers market” types have rendered his game pale. The streets will be festooned with his innards and pyres will be lit in honor of his youth passed. That’s why he won’t do two shows a night any more, he won’t!!!!


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