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The Ark – State of the Ark

After two extremely successful albums in their native Sweden as well as Italy, The Ark returns with their third album, State of the Ark.


Floating in the waters somewhere between Scissor Sisters and the Darkness (with obvious nods to Bowie, Costello, and KISS, as well as a complete rip-off of the Knack’s “My Sharona” at one point), they make landfall stateside with their quirky version of dance rock, complete with ‘70s style arena riffs, ‘80s keyboard playfulness, and a healthy dose of glam sass.

The artistic vision in the band is seen by front-man Ola Salo, who for the last three years has gained complete creative control. The goal was simple: get rid of unnecessary baggage by stripping down their sound, and make a record that makes you want to move, a rock record with disco beats. I will have to say, it definitely succeeded, I’m just not sure how many rock songs with disco beats in a row I’d actually be interested in dancing to. Maybe three?


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