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The Little Ones – Morning Tide

Skipping merrily past the sophomore slump, The Little Ones are back and brighter than ever. With a patented stain-fighting power, Morning Tide (Chop Shop Records) fills one with crisp, spring freshness, even as the dark winter days and gloomy weather starts to invade.

The glistening elements of Edward Reyes’ vocals, which put ”Lovers Who Uncover” from their debut, Sing Song, on most everyone’s favorites list, have been taken to a whole new level. The rest of the jolly troupe, including Brian Reyes (bass, vocals), Ian Moreno (guitar), Lee LaDouceur (keyboards), David Esau (drums), have sharpened their musical chops all the way around.


“Tangerine Vision” takes Lucy on a galaxy carpet ride, while “Everybody’s Up To Something” recruits the kiddies to follow Pied Piper on a mass parade down Main Street, as balloons fly and streamers sing. And in a timeless fashion, “Like A Spoke On A Wheel” would complement any ‘60s U.K. pop mix, fitting in nicely after the Pacemaker’s “Ferry Cross the Mersey.”

I can’t say that “Rise and Shine” would ever turn me into a morning person. If combined with a double mocha and the NY Times, I recommend it as a great way to start the day. Hell, all of Morning Tide, including the title track, would go well with your Cheerios, Tang and Flintstone’s vitamin.

Rumor has it that there is a video for “Morning Tide” available on the wonderful world wide web, but so far, my searches have come up empty, except for a YouTube clip of the song with a static image of the band. I did find a beauty, the ukulele version of “Tangerine Vision,” which for some reason, made me crave a fruity drink with an umbrella at 10 something in the AM. Man, I do need a vacation.

Ukulele Version of “Tangerine Vision”

Check out The Little Ones when they come to Denver this Tuesday, October 28, playing with Kissing Party and Pseudo Dates at Hi-Dive. Just know that they don’t serve piña coladas, but they may have an umbrella for your can of PBR.


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