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Screeching Weasel – WeaselMania

The goofy and cartoonish weasel, with his signature leather jacket, and smoking cigarette about to frantically jump from his lip, is back for an encore. Yep kids, Screeching Weasel is releasing an anthology of sorts entitled, WeaselMania.

Thanks to the folks at Fat Wreck Chords, all the Weasel hits are chronicled here, from “Supermarket Fantasy,” and “My Right,” from the classic album BoogadaBoogadaBoogada, all the way up to tracks like, “Gotta Girlfriend,” from their most recent release on Panic Button records.


With the angst of Dead Kennedy’s, the girl problems of Descendants, and the glue-sniffing sensibility of the Ramones, Screeching Weasel are one of the most resilient punk bands to come out of the Reagan-era. No one said they were gonna change the world with their buzzsaw garage riffs, double-time beats, and snotty melodies, but they were such an integral spark, along with bands like Fugazi, Bad Religion, and Operation Ivy, that kept the idealism torch of punk rock illuminated during the dark times after the forefathers had faded, before the punk rock “revival” of the nineties.

This is a great introduction to the band for anyone unfamiliar, and a chance for the old school fans, with their Weasel catalog in disarray, to have all the great tracks on one CD. Hooray for weaselmania!


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