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Sasha – Invol2ver

Curse my impatience!

The funny thing is I know better.

I know better than to rush Sasha to put something new out.

But here I am again, a few years after his previous release, Fundacion (which as usual blew me away), teaching myself the same lesson: perfection takes time. Hopefully I learn this time.


In case you didn’t catch it, I am most certainly impressed by the latest mix/near-album (let’s just call it project) by the one and only Sasha, entitled Invol2ver. As if no time at all has passed since the original Involver, Sasha, aka Alexander Coe, once again flexes his production muscle with a set of songs all hand selected and remixed by himself that create this DJ set with a soul.

As the disc begins, I am immediately pleased with the slower, down-tempo entrance into the rest of the set; something I long for in a good mix but seldom get. Should I expect anything less of Sasha though? Especially on a disc with this ambition? Working through the meat of the disc, I am again impressed by the warmth that Sasha brings out of these songs. It’s something I’ve always loved about his sound, and Invol2ver is no exception. Every song is so thickly layered and rich, while never becoming too crowded. It’s interesting, because the disc is not really a peak-heavy, club type set; however, it’s not by any means boring. In fact, I’d rather listen to this type of set either way.

Throughout the disc there are a few songs you may recognize. Songs that, of course, are more than capable of standing on their own but when given the careful touch of an artist like Sasha, can blossom into a familiar yet entirely different and interesting form. Case in point, the “Sasha Invol2ver Remixes” of “Destroy Everything You Touch” by Ladytron and “The Eraser” by Thom Yorke. I was particularly interested to hear these mixes and how they would fit in. Even with utmost faith in the best outcome, I was pleasantly surprised by how these unique mixes respected their respective originals yet showed a different side to them, all without sounding like cheesy mash-ups or too forced.

Well, I suppose you’ve heard enough of my Sasha praising for one sitting, so I’ll wrap this up. But whether you’re a long time Sasha fan like myself or not, I invite you to listen to this latest piece and see if you don’t become one.

Invol2ver is out now on Global Underground and be sure to catch Sasha on his Invol2ver Tour at Beta in Denver, Thursday October 23.


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