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Rose Hill Drive – Moon Is The New Earth

There’s no special treatment for the most watched after band to spring from Colorado in years. Rose Hill Drive earns every bit of there credibility—from making Rolling Stone’s “10 Artists to Watch” list to being hand-selected by Pete Townshend to open for the Who on their recent US tour.


The Boulder-based trio proves that a hippy town in the gateway to the west can produce some fierce-ass rock. These guys combine the fierce force of Wolfmother and the just-enough-to-be-cute juvenile stoner rock of Queens of the Stone Age. Best examples of this are “Sneak Out” and “Trans Am.” There’s nothing more ‘high’ school that meeting a girl in a park at midnight on a school night isn a sports car.

Don’t get the impression that these kids are too young to make it, though. With a voice that slays like Bon Scott, Jacob Sproul matches his vocal talent jamming on the bass as well; and his brother Daniel is a fucking wildfire on guitar. Who raised these two?! Their parents must be the meekest of right-wing Christian conservatives to spawn such an incredible pair of rock rebels. Rounded out with the stab-wound power of drummer Nathan Barnes, these guys truly are a force to be reckoned with.

This is, hands down, the coolest new band I’ve heard thus far in 2008; and I wouldn’t be surprised if that remains a fact all year long.


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