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Pure Drama – Self Titled

Pure Drama brings a heightened level of sophisticated and emotional alternative rock to Colorado’s music scene, setting them far, far away from the mainstream community. And we’re forever grateful. Their latest self-titled release culminates tracks in existence for some time along with new works that portray fluid vocal styles from both Ryan Pollicky and Becca Gomez, over velvety rhythms, acoustic intricacies, and durgy pedal pulsations.


Tapping into a sultry mood, “One Over Zero” and “Drowning” go from Brit Pop perfection to brooding Smiths tendencies; angelic atmospheres abound on “Agnostic Sometimes” and deep based beats intertwine with a Tori Amos twist on “The Time You Spent”.

The moniker Pure Drama picked fits them like a glove, but is only the tip of the finger to truly describe the many layers of rich textures that only a listen will provide. Catch them live and in person at their CD Release Party, taking place Thursday, June 5 at Rock Island. You can pick up the new release and hear tracks at


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