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Populuxe – Deep In An American Evening

To attempt to know the future you must understand the past; such is true with music. Artists must be aware of the pioneering sounds of yesteryear to truly expand the musical developments of the future.

Modern rock can definitely trace its broad roots back to the sounds of the 50’s and 60’s, and Populuxe’s new album, Deep In An American Evening, is an obvious yet refreshing amalgamation of the sounds of the past while adding the necessary modern sound in order to propel its appeal into the future. The band seems Inspired by the crooning sounds of Frank Sinatra while sounding similar to modern rockers Weezer and early Dinosaur Jr., but without delving into the realms of “emo” rock.


Headed by Rob Shapiro, who writes, sings and plays guitar, Populuxe features the talents of Pete Straub on drums and vocals, Joe Zimmerman on Bass and Josh Segal on woodwinds and strings. Deep In An American Evening is definitely on the lounge side of rock ‘n’ roll, but to classify this group as a rock band would not do them justice. It is apparent that these guys are very talented musically and it is quite refreshing to hear a band that understands the balance of melody, harmony and poppy hooks.

Populuxe’s sound is lush, catchy and almost pop-like, which their name suggests; however, these guys can rock-out with the best of them.


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