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Pier Bucci – Familia

From the label CrossTownRebels that parlays off the more underground, international parties and “thrives on creative, young people with something new to say,” comes Pier Bucci’s Familia, filled with subtle beauty and an early morning sizzle, spurning you to believe that you do have another hour of dance left in ya.


Taking your hand gently and guiding you through the Garden of Eden, the seductress on “Tita” shows off the ripe carmel apples hanging from the tree. Flecked with bleeps and a satellite sidekick on “L’Nuit,” a haunting woman in red she tells her story in a French tongue as you’re taken deep into the ghostly house with creaking floors. You’re creeped out a bit but can’t help but move to the beat. “Hay Consuelo” flies over to the shores of Brazil where, from high atop a green mountain, you can see the colorful people in all their grandeur dancing their native dance, then it’s over to Berlin for a “Cosmic” dose of culture and deep into the depths of the Atlantic on “Hydra.”

Bucci has a knack for taking numerous experimental elements and warm, liquid beats to touch the parts of your brain that typically lay dormant during your weekly operation meeting or while you’re standing in line at Safeway. It’s a perfect headset journey as you’re jetting around the world or just taking the No. 5 subway uptown.

You can get this release directly from the label, but since they are not on these shores it may just be easier to get it from your own backyard via Denver’s,


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