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Peter Bjorn and John – Falling Out

Falling Out by Peter Bjorn And John is songs about just that, and “some about falling in as well, but mostly out.” This debut album from the Swede trio also responsible for producing/arranging fellow groups such as the Concretes and the Shout Out Louds is full of bittersweet pop. It embodies all the pleasantries of Beatlesque melody, but with a modern Scandinavian twist.

My favorite track was the opener, ‘Far Away, By My Side’- a tender ballad of longing. It commences with a scratchy computerized vocal, that continues throughout the track. For the first few listens, I found it unnecessary. After that however, I can see how it emphasizes the distance and the loneliness.

This album is far from pop-by-numbers; it’s cleverly woven and engineered. In Falling Out the band take refuge in solitude, at the bar, and in love. Should you need sheltering from any of these things, they’ve provided a record to comfort you.


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