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New Blood Revival – Nice Girls

To understand New Blood Revival’s first major label effort is to know producer David Kahne and his history over the last 20 years. Over this period, David has transformed the innate free-form genius of acts like Fishbone and Sublime into a more polished and hence more widely accepted sound. And while each band he’s had the pleasure of working with has its own place in the annals of music history, one can’t help but notice the similarities David has brought to the table. No, his stamp isn’t quite as distinct as say, Spector’s Wall of Sound, but there’s certainly something about what he brings to the table.


New Blood Revival is by no means new to recorded music. The New Jersey-based outfit has navigated its way through a handful of previous efforts, all within its young, five-year life. Its Atlantic Records debut, Nice Girls, is a hodgepodge of goodies that range from the third-wave ska bop of the early ‘90s to the more recent roots and irreverence of Barenaked Ladies.

With David at the knobs, Nice Girls serves up a clean and well-balanced sound that is rarely predictable. And like other groups Mr. Kahne has produced, New Blood Revival prides itself in its diversity. With the exception of Matt Witte’s recognizable vocals, each tune takes on a life of its own and presents the listener with yet another side of the band. Also evident is the live potential of the tracks. Already known as a hard-working and vital live act, Nice Girls loads up New Blood Revival with an additional 14 tunes of ammunition for fans both new and old.


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