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Mutant Radio – Cash N Burn

Holy guitar-driven funk rap Batman! This six-piece from Detroit, Mutant Radio, rocks the analog instrumentation belt on their latest, Cash N Burn.

Front Man, Cleaven R. Creech admits they’ve created Cash N Burn in the vein of Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt and Sublime, and I would agree. The vocals are so Anthony Kiedis-derived, it is almost enraging.

Overall the album isn’t all bad, and rap or hip-hop performed in analog always gets a placing ribbon; but the distractions on Cash N Burn are too numerous to ignore.


The production annoys at times; though this is admissible, as the album does appear to be self-released. The real grater is the overtly tough lyrics about subjects that aren’t as moving as they are made to sound. There’s a consistently undue ferocity that just doesn’t seem appropriate to the lyrical content.

Mutant Radio strikes as a group that has a shit-ton of talent; they simply need a bit more musical maturity on their next offering, and some thicker production to back it up.


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