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MU330 – Ultra Panic

This is the seventh full length from MU330, who have played more than 1,500 shows in their 14 years as a band. So, chances are that you’ve heard, seen, or at least heard of MU330 by now. Hailing from St. Louis, MU330 were nothing short of seminal in the most recent explosion of American ska bands. Though the trend has faded quite a bit, MU330 are one of the only bands still plugging away. After numerous lineups, this record features a five piece band, though two members of The Blue Meanies contribute their keyboard and saxophone talents to this recording.

This is noticeably more ska influenced than their last couple records, though it’s by no means a huge departure. At times the songs run together a bit too much for my taste. But these guys are pros at what they do, and it shows. Dan Potthast’s vocals are unmistakable and well matched to the band’s sound. Fans of MU330 will love this, as it’s their most solid effort in some time. It probably won’t be converting
any naysayers, though I doubt MU330 cares at this point.

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