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MF Doom – MM…Food

There’s something extremely enticing about a man that can cook. MF Doom, aka Madvillain and at least two other name tags, has whipped up the first solo album since 1999. Donning an apron and his character’s metal mask, Doom uses crazy spices on MM…Food, added with precision and culinary flair.

Using a pinch of B movie excerpts from the original Doom movie character and other sci-fi films, camp is taken to a whole new level, down the streets and into the urban diner. Meal time observations grace the song list menu, made sweet with classic Motown R&B syrup, where each dish stands on it’s own merit versus the typical top selling, hip-hop Soup de Jour.

This perpetrator of funk and kitchen sink recipes teases us with a high caloric dose of groove on “Rapp Snitch Knishes,” enough to make you leave the dinner table and dive into the irresistible shake. “Guinnesses,” features the honey and cinnamon spice of Angelika and 4ize, whipping up a frothy concocting a pain killer cocktail, and choosing chaos over conformity. Sometimes taking a path that would not constitute dinner conversation, and blending that with tongue and cheek humor, this ‘metal fingered villain’ breaks his shiny mold.

Walking away from million dollar carrots dangled from other labels, MF Doom has instead partnered with Rhymesayers, Entertainment, home to Slug and crew. And the dude puts his music where his mouth is with, running a food drive at every show including Conscious Alliance for both his Ft. Collins show on Saturday, November 20 and in Boulder at the Fox Theatre on Sunday, November 21. Brother Ali joins him for this tour.


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