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Metric – Live It Out

It’s been over a year since I interviewed Metric upstairs at Larimer Lounge. I never got to use the interview because the recording got garbled, which was a shame, but the memories of that show helped to soften the blow. One thing I remember lead singer Emily Haines saying was how they preferred to play to younger audiences because the kids were more apt to dance as opposed to the 21+ over crowds who hung at the bar and nodded their heads. I aimed to prove her wrong that night and tried to instigate bouts of random shake and groove within the ‘older’ crowd. It worked for a while but in the end it was just me moving about. This still confuses me to this day because if anything, this band was meant to get people jumping with complete abandon.

Electro and disco rhythms are not needed. In fact, Metric are as rock and roll as you can get, given a rhythmic edge with keyboards and blender bouncing drums making you feel sexy even in your frumpiest robe and fuzzy slippers.

The title track “Live It Out” can attest to that, making one feel alive enough to start a riot along with “Glass Ceiling” that swings and sways with a cat alley saunter. And you would even have a motive as the lyrical sensibilities are as strong as their songs. On their debut release in 2003 it was “Succexy” and on Live it Out the political statement is made by “Monster Hospital” where the Canadian feels the impact of our government more than some of its own citizens (this is our featured protest song in Political Buzz for this week).

Metric has once again delivered up a perfect blend of bouncy and brainy, of cobblestone melodies and balls out, smoke machine thrash. Live a chocolate craving, I can’t help but go back for seconds and thirds, hitting the repeat button to get this dance party for one started.


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