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Melee – Everyday Behavior

There’s a scene at the beginning of the movie “When Harry Met Sally,” where Harry asks Sally to tell him her life story as a way to pass the 17-hour drive from Chicago to New York. As a recent college graduate, she tells Harry that her life story wouldn’t get them out of Chicago because her life hadn’t really begun yet.

In the way I snickered when the puppy dog nephew of Snoop Dog, Little Bow Wow, rapped about using his wily ways on a woman, I can’t help but wonder just what kind of life experiences a group could possibly write about (as they stated on their band bio) when their ages range between 17 to 21. The thing is, these boys actually write way beyond their years, and the fact that they’re already giving back to the community says a lot about their character. Being on the Sub City label formed by Hopeless Records to raise funds and awareness for non-profit organizations, Melée donates their time and 5% of the sales proceeds to the Orangewood PALS Program that fights child abuse and neglect.

The opening track “Got It All” has that No Doubt dance and shout propulsion, but overall their sound leans closer to the piano pop of Ben Folds Five, the jangle juice of Jellyfish, or the heartfelt happiness of Weezer. The overall composition flows in waves of introspection and contemplation, sauntering down the cobblestone street in the rain, then turns the corner to crisp fall air that’s brimming with blinding light as Chris Cron pounds the ivories and belts out the vocals.

Their mature and sophisticated songwriting was matched perfectly with producer and Jawbox frontman, J. Robbins who has also worked with the likes of Jets To Brazil and The Promise Ring. When Melée plays the Warped Tour this year and hit into “Lions Cage” or “New Day,” I have no doubt this foursome will get the girlies tanks tops in a total twist.


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