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M. Fusion – This Solution

Electrophiles are revered and admired, misunderstood and the recipients of distain. They’re the quiet ones in high school who look like they’re shy and less confident, but really, you’re just invisible to them. They’re creating song structures in their heads without the use of actual electronic devices. Just cells, minerals and electrons are spinning in the brain blender as they walk the halls, looking right through you.

M. Fusion is one such artist who used his hour-long trek to high school in the bus as the beginnings of what we hear today on This Solution. Don’t expect to pop this puppy in and hit the dancefloor with your retro neon gear and ironic headband. You’ll be sorely disappointed. Rather, throw this in your iPod and hit the streets on a cold, rainy day. We’ve got the weather for it.


Hear how “Morning Woods” is not a sexual poke joke but a tribute to the A.M., a true sense of inspiration after a night out on the town where the rising sun reminds us that we’ve got a new day on our hands, a new chance for something large or small.

Steam rises from the manhole as “The Record” emerges, rolling to the beat of a 70-year old African American gentleman crossing the street to the diner for his morning coffee, strutting with vintage, jazz percussion.

Modern, robotic storytelling is the center of “Say Nothing,” bringing both a feeling of calm and a sense of foreboding, the way the air feels right before an earthquake hits.

In the early days, CAN drew a cult following that still thrives today, while simultaneously being ignored by the masses and receiving no acknowledgement of their contribution to the birth of electro some thirty years or so years ago. It comes down to quality, not quantity.

This can also be said for others like M. Fusion today who create song structures, which eventually become a foundation for more ear-ready-friendly tracks that are less cerebral in nature.

Other artists are acknowledging M. Fusion talent, including a number Bay Area cats like AWOL One, Nocturnal Ron, Extereo, and a number of other Bay Area hip-hop folks. He created Nice Records as a platform for his own works and that of his friends.


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